Your Communications AI Partner for the Healthcare Industry

At HealthPoint Connect, we understand the intricate journey of healthcare decisions and its impact on overall patient care.

As a leader in Healthcare Communications-As-A-Service (CaaS), we are at the forefront of integrating advanced Conversational AI into voice call systems, providing both inbound and outbound communication solutions.

Our live chat lead capture program complements this, forming a comprehensive CaaS offering for healthcare providers.

Recognizing that nearly 60% of the patient journey is completed before direct contact with a provider, our Hybrid Human and AI Business Automation Solutions ensure a proactive presence from the very beginning.

This innovative approach is key in transforming website visits into substantial patient relationships, fostering trust and loyalty between healthcare providers and their clients and members.

Our mission is to redefine patient engagement, catering to a diverse array of healthcare sectors including:

-Home Care Agencies

-Assisted Living Facilities

-Rehabilitation Centers

-Aged Care Services




-Private Practitioners

By leveraging our Conversational AI technology, HealthPoint Connect ensures that every voice call is handled with precision, empathy, and efficiency, reflecting the high standards of care that your patients expect and deserve.

HealthPoint Connect is dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare communication.

Our Services

Our services increase the probability of conversion by breaking down conversion barriers, leading to more consultations booked, better patient outcomes, and improved patient satisfaction. We handle all inbound patient inquiries 24/7, ensuring they feel heard, informed, and cared for.

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